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why choose us:

more manageable payments

We only work with trusted & regulated solution providers to ensure, where qualifying, your debt is reduced to a single, affordable monthly payment.

restructuring unaffordable debt

We understand that being in debt can sometimes make you feel out of control, at Care About Money our aim is to put you back in control with a fresh start.

legal protection from your creditors

A formal debt solution may be able to offer you legal protection from your creditors.

reducing creditor contact

By helping you restructure your unaffordable debt with creditors approval.

here's an example of how we can help you

Everyones debt is unique so this is just an example IVA solution.

here to help

Sometimes being in debt can feel like you’re sinking. We can help throw you a life raft and work towards debt freedom.

Call our helpline or use our online tool, and join the thousands of others we have helped get out of debt.

there’s nothing we haven’t come across before

We can help resolve all kinds of debt, ranging from:

  • Loans and overdrafts
  • Catalogue & store cards
  • Benefit overpayment
  • HMRC debt
  • Court judgements
  • Rent, gas, & electricity arrears
  • Credit cards
  • Council tax arrears

take back control

Taking back control is simple, but it can be a bit unnerving, so we keep you in the loop at all stages. Here’s what will happen after you get in touch.

  • We will call you to discuss your circumstances.
  • We help you decide on your best course of action.
  • We will help guide you through the process.

find debt freedom

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find a debt solution to suit you

Whatever your situation, we have services to suit you.

debt management plans

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self help

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debt relief order

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debt consolidation

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get help with your unsecured debt

We help you manage debts with some of the UK’s biggest creditors.

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