What is a Debt Relief Order?

Debt Relief Orders (DROs) are one way to deal with your debts if you owe less than £30,000, don’t have much spare income and don’t own any property.

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Debt Relief Order can be effective if you meet the following criteria:

Are your debts below £30,000?

Are you on a low or no income?

No properties or assets in your name


  • A DRO usually lasts for 12 months
  • You do not need to make payments in to the DRO
  • You are protected from the creditors
  • A DRO application costs £90


  • Applications for a DRO will be rejected if you have assets over £2000 or own your own property.
  • If your circumstance change and you can afford to make repayments or you fail to co-operate the DRO can be revoked meaning you're liable for all the debt plus interest and charges.
  • Interest and charges are not guaranteed to be frozen.
  • Your information is placed on a register of Insolvencies which is a public register.

Money Helper

Money Helper is an important service set up by the Government. They provide free debt counselling, debt adjustment and credit information.