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At care about money all our staff are trained to identify when a client may be classed as vulnerable, we also have ongoing training to ensure all our advisors are competent and are able to deal with vulnerability in the correct manner.

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Combining our extensive knowledge with an empathetic and understanding approach it allows us to reach fair and appropriate outcomes for our customers.

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feeling like you’re drowning in debt

We can help you, we could get your payments lowered and even have some of your debts written off.

struggling with your finances

We can help you make a budget and take back control of your money.

overwhelmed by creditor calls

We can help by putting a distance between you and creditors so you can have time to think.

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We’ve helped thousands of people with their debt and money worries. But don’t just take our word for it.


“instantly I felt at ease and was listened to without judgement.”

claire’s story


“I contacted care about money when I started struggling with my debt repayments during maternity leave. The worry and stress of not be able to make my minimum credit card payments as well as trying to keep up with loan payments and other financial commitments was becoming really overwhelming. I didn’t have anywhere to turn and I just wanted to focus on my newborn baby but my debts were taking over my life.

I was nervous about reaching out for help but when I contacted care about money they instantly made me feel as ease and listened to my situation without judgement. They talked me through all my options and I decided an IVA was the right option for me and my family. They helped me get all the information they needed to speak to my creditors on my behalf so I didn’t have to face them myself. The process was so easy and quick.

I now just pay one affordable monthly payment and can now enjoy life again with my son knowing that I will be debt free at the end of it with a huge chunk written off! All of my creditors stopped contacting me instantly so I felt so relieved. My only regret is not contacting care about money sooner I can’t thank them enough.”

here's an example of how we can help you

This is an example of Claire’s debts before and after her IVA.

linda’s story


I started really struggling with my loan repayments during 2019 and was struggling to make payments to pay anything back. Then in 2020 it was announced that the interest on them was going up even more I knew then I would never be able to get out of my debt because even trying to pay back the loans still wouldn’t have been enough to get me out of my debt due to the interest rates. I felt so stressed and felt like I was literally drowning in all the debt I had, crying all the time as I was worried about money and had no idea how I would ever get out of it.

I knew I needed to do something about it especially if I was to get a mortgage in future which is something both me and my partner have been looking at, I started researching different things available to me which is when I come across care about money I reached out to them and explained my situation and felt so at ease talking to them, they didn’t make me feel embarrassed or ashamed that I had got myself into this situation and now needed help. They talked me through all the different options and decided an IVA was the best option for me. They contacted my creditors on my behalf and got all the information they needed without me having to speak to them myself. I have had my IVA for 4 years now and having this has helped me massively, just having that one monthly payment go out has taken away all of that stress I had before and I have been able to keep on top of my payments each month without having missed one in my 4 years of having my IVA. Something that was near enough impossible before my IVA, I was missing payments every month but since my IVA I haven’t missed one.

I am now going into my final year of my IVA so to know that in just over a years time I will be debt free is such a huge relief and now me and my partner can start looking at getting a mortgage together which is a really exciting time. I can only thank care about money enough for helping me and I recommend anyone in a similar situation to reach out and get help, best decision I ever made.

"I can only thank care about money enough for helping me"

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